12Rounds - Box Lounge

12Rounds - Box Lounge

Successful stress management for managers, leaders and top performers in elevated positions through boxing.

Stress is harmful, weakens and leads to depression and loss of power. Many people are aware of these connections, but only a few of them know how to escape this spiral. Self-assurance, internal harmony as well as a positive charisma - and with it also success - is learn- and coachable.

Since 1989 "White Collar Boxing“ is established in the USA and the tradition still continues to develop. Meanwhile the "Real Fight Club" in England counts more than 1600 registered members. Nowadays it has also been established in Germany: The Box Lounge.

The BOX LOUNGE stands for self-esteem, the coping with own fear and the emotional victory arising from sudorific training sessions.

Thus everybody already enters the ring as a winner because it is not about prize money to earn, it is to overcome own border experiences and to learn basic elements of life.