Daniela Haak

Daniela Haak, born 07.14.1973, was the singer and a founding member of one of the trendiest pop bands: Mr. President. The band existed from 1991 to 2007. After her active singinging career Daniela Haak devoted herself together with her husband, famous boxer Markus Beyer, exclusively to the sport. Today selfdefense, box lounges and various social commitments determine her life.

In the role of a music star her work and life was strongly influced by the market circumstances, fans and media. Today she uses her experiences as a formerly public and therefore being in the limelight person. In combination with her highly skilled fight sport and boxing qualifications she shares her experiences with others.

As a manager of the 12Rounds GmbH she offers the following sportive activities:

1. Boxing courses, for example for companies (very successfully placed at DHL)
2. Motivational training for young people, mostly in cooperation with leisure homes etc. (regional very successfull)
3. Selfdefense for women
4. Fit into the new year - Fitness Training for everybody
5. Survival courses
6. Company Fitness
7. De-escalation methods for works with children and youngsters
8. Motivational coaching for professional returners

At ManagersOnly Daniela covers the section selfdefense and white collar boxing.