Uwe Hasenbein

Uwe Hasenbein

Uwe Hasenbein
Nationality: German
born 17.08.1962
CEO AK activeknowledge UG


One of Uwe Hasenbeins` long-time companion describes him with the words, "enthusiastic and therefore inspiring on basis of a dormant personality staffed with life- and businessexperience, who gets his power from lived eastern philosophy – in this way i experience him.“ Students of the high ranked martial arts master as well as customers of the personaldevelopper and coach experience him in a similar way, wether in business or in a traditional dojo. And a dojo and training room can quickly become the one.

Based on experience of one decade within the businessworld as a manager with personnel responsibility for more than 3000 employees he provides his services in order to educate and develop companies and private people. Among his clients are many A - brand companies for which he cares on an employee- as well as management level. Uwe personally supervises between 300-400 people per year through trainings, workshops and coachings.

Links: www.ak-activeknowledge.com

Martial Art Part:

Grandmaster Uwe Hasenbein is active in traditional martial arts for a period of 40 years. He is a popular docent for seminars and workshops within the field of martial arts.

On top he succeeded in many competitions and achieved international titles like "Grand champion" in the weapon forms.

Links: www.gohshinkan.de

Graduations, activities and honours

Soke Shihan Sensei Gohshinkan
8.Blackbelt Shaolin Kempo
5.Master Degree Shaolin Temple Kung Fu
3.Blackbelt Dju Su
1.Blackbelt Jiu Jitsu

Trainerqualification for...

Tai Chi Yang Style/Qui Gong and Shaolin Temple Kung Fu through the die Shaolin Temple Guild Tai Peh


Member of the Hall of Fame of the international Black Belt Council
Member of the Technical Advisory Council Commitee of Martiel Arts Education
Grandmaster of the Bugei Kokusai Renmei


Sportsdirctor of the german association: Verband für Kampfsportarten VFK e.V.

Consultant and instructor of NSA and NYPD

internat. instructor for security professionals